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The mission of the IFMA is to promote the highest level of farm management competency and to support its members in acheiving their goals.

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The future is bright for farmers with management skills.

Farm managers will play a big role in the Food Harvest 2020 plan to boost Irish agri-food exports by 42%. Graduates of the Farm Apprenticeship Scheme set up the association in 1979, and its members include some of the country’s most successful farmers. As an association we are involved with the education of future farmers and farm managers through the promotion of education in the farming sector. One example of this is the Teagasc Professional Diploma in Dairy Farm Management which is run by Teagasc, Moorepark and co-ordinated by Marion Beecher. Details on the course can be found on the Teagasc Website.







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The I.F.M.A. has a range of body warmers, jackets and hoodies available with the logo of the association embroidered  on them. Contact us for more details.


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Knowledge Transfer Events.

The I.F.M.A. and it's members plan to hold a series of events during the year based on the requests and requirements of its members.

Up Coming events

14th December 2016 @ 7:30pm

Location: Horse and Jockey, Thurles.

Topic: Soil Improvement Progamme, "Is your Farm Growing Grass to its Full Potential"

This event is open to members and non-members. Representitives of Devenish Nutrition will be showing a presentation on the Innovation Award Winning Programme and how it can help your farm produce more grass.




I.F.M.A Recruitment Agency

The Irish Farm Managers Association has recently been granted a recruitment agency license with the intention of providing a platform for Qualified Farm Managers and Members to advertise both Positions Available and Jobs Wanted. Email your Job Description to . On receipt we will contact you to discuss the advertisment and advertising costs. Following receipt of payment advert will be placed on our website, circulated to our members by e-mail, twitter and facebook. The advert will remain in place until you notify us that the position is filled.


Formed in the 1970’s the Irish Farm Managers Association sets out to promote the highest level of farm management competency and to support its members in achieving their goals. Its membership is made up from graduates from the old farm apprenticeship board and graduates in recent years who have a minimum level 7 qualification in agriculture!


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